Guitarist Spotlight: Jazz Great, Pat Martino

Pat Martino is one of those guitarists who always seems to know exactly what he’s doing. Whether writing his own tunes, comping behind other soloists or blazing through his own improvised solos, Martino has been producing incredible music for close to 50 years.

Along with consistently releasing albums since the 60s Martino has also released several teaching DVDs showcasing his incredible technique and explaining the theory underpinning his playing.

In 1980 surgery for a brain aneurism left Martino with amnesia meaning he effectively had to relearn the guitar. When you compare recordings from before the operation to those after, you can hear Martino’s playing is as good as it ever was, if not better.

The thing which shines through all of Martino’s recordings, aside from his complete command of the guitar, is the joy he has for his music, and for life.

Below is a selection of material, in no particular order, from this remarkable guitarist:

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