Seventh Chords Across the Neck

The following examples show different inversions of major, dominant and minor seventh chords played in all positions across the neck.

G major seventh:



G dominant seventh:



G minor seventh:


In each bar the chords are in two different inversions, with the first and third being the same but an octave apart. Each chord may be played sequentially in each bar before moving to the following bar/s.

Alternatively, the chord from the same beat in each bar may be played consecutively. This moves each chord through its three inversions across the length of the same string, E, A or D. This may be seen in the following example where the G major seventh chord moves from root position in the first bar, to the third inversion in bar four; the notes on the low E string arpeggiate the G major seventh chord.

Gmaj7 copy 2

The same process may also be applied to the chords on beats two and three of each bar.